Womanhood. Unvarnished.

Love. Sex. Work. Motherhood. Aging.


Leslie Morgan Steiner is an author, consultant and thought leader on women’s leadership, work-life balance, inspirational parenting, overcoming adversity and surviving violence against women. She lives in Washington, DC. She recently completed her fourth nonfiction book, The Naked Truth, which explores female aging and sexuality after motherhood and divorce. Her corporate experience includes The Washington Post, Johnson & Johnson, Leo Burnett and Seventeen Magazine.



Why domestic violence victims don’t leave


The Naked Truth

Steiner's latest memoir tackles female sexuality and aging after motherhood and divorce.
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The Baby Chase

A riveting narrative about surrogate pregnancy from both sides of the equation.
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Crazy Love

The New York Times bestselling memoir of abusive love - available everywhere.
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Mommy Wars

26 stay-at-home and career moms face off on their choices, their lives, and their families.
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Leslie in Action

Women in Black & White Survey

As a result of Mommy Wars, Leslie became interested in the different experiences facing black and white women in America….

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