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(from Dr. Phil Show)
- History of past battering
- Threats of violence
- Breaking items in anger
- Use of force during arguments
- Unreasonable jealousy
- Controlling behavior
- Over-involvement in the relationship
- Verbal abuse/​blaming others for problems
- Cruelty to children/​animals
- Abrupt mood changes

- Call the police
- Avoid becoming isolated
- Confide in someone
- Fight the shame; no one deserves to make you afraid
- Keep a record (including pictures) in a safe place
- Develop an emergency safety plan -- keep spare keys, money and clothes in a safe place, and know where you can go in the middle of the night
- Consider ending the relationship as soon you can

The Crazy Love Project

Shared Stories of Surviving Domestic Abuse

Emotional Battering

July 23, 2010

I finished "Crazy Love" in one sitting, and wanted to thank you for having the courage to share your experience. I am currently getting divorced from a man who emotionally abused me. The day we returned from our honeymoon he left an email visible on our computer that indicated he had been cheating on me for months; the pattern of behavior continued for the next seven years. He would cheat, leave evidence around, then deny, deny, deny until confronted with said evidence, then minimize and shift the blame and promise to stop. I thought I was going crazy because he was so damn believable when lying. I finally filed for divorce after yet another time and he had yet another story that didn't make sense about how it happened.

It was particularly inspiring to read about your process of overcoming the trauma. I've struggled with the same reactions from family, the lingering feelings of love, seeing my ex with another woman and wondering whether he'll be the same way with her, or, almost worse, whether he won't be. Hearing that you are now happy has renewed my determination to forge a new future. Again, thank you.

-- T


  1. April 20, 2012 4:38 PM EDT
    I married a man I dated for 4 months because he needed a green card....right away the problems were the French grammar.
    He said it in past tense? then the abusive "No?' going to do?
    And a personality disorder so the reason he is not in France?
    No money and using my food and even took men's shirts I wear.
    Time passes and reasons I stayed for him??get the bond money back from immigration? get the green card, be married 4 years to get benefits in Europe for longer stay...not need to get health insurance a French wife has benefits in Belgium, Germany low energy in my 70's and travel not a priority...days with nausea after verbal abuse.
    He finishes a meal and off to smoke MJ and drink whiskey?
    I sleep on the floor and he has bedroom of my 1BR apartment? I am on my computer late at night where I sleep?
    Once I played the piano 2 hours a day but he said not while he is resting?
    His family coming here in 5 weeks and he will see them miles away? I am not invited? One even said I cost them immigration lawyer fees????he is the immigrtant.
    The hook was that he saw me as a divorced woman who would help him a lot???
    - Beverly Stanford

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